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Caribbean Rhythms

¡Caribbean rhythms!
Hegemonies and dissidences in Caribbean carnivals

Revista Brasileira do Caribe – ISSN: 1518-6784 (impreso) y ISSN 1984-6169 (online) – Indexada en Latindez, Redalyc,CAPES – announces the it will receive topic articles about Caribbean rhythms, Hegemonies and dissisdence in Caribbean Carnivals. Who have in common the carnival celebrations of La Habana, Santiago de Cuba, Kingstown, Puerto Príncipe, Santo Domingo y Puerto España?, It is possible thinking the Caribbean carnivals along with other continental carnivals such as Veracruz, Barranquilla, Ciudad de Panamá o la costa garífuna? And, Can we compare in perspective this Caribbean carnival complex with other similar festive continental expressions, as the cases of New Orleans or Salvador de Bahia?

This Call intends to open a regional discussion about the contemporary configuration of the caribbean carnivals. In this case, carnivals are understood as cultural expressions of internal struggles, where the symbolic and the social meet once a year in order to restore the memoirs and popular traditions. This is expressed through music, dance, costumes, games and spectacles.

Nevertheles,  and in contrast  to the prevailing notion, carnaval is a festive event that have faced normative, moral, economic and political constrictions. Currently those constrictions are expressed in regulated parades and overpriced events. Thus, many latinoamerican and caribbean celebrations have been standardized, tranform a popular celbrations into a exclusive spectacle.

The contemporary Caribbean carnivals remains a political space in which identities and social relations of class, race and etnicity gather to claim, talk back and reconfiguring, transform the official carnivals in a proof of social contradictions.  O well, generating self-managing responses in the form of unofficial carnivals, to different types of economic and political dominations the celebration.

All these dynamics are framed in multicultural policies, global tourism and patrimonialization, to become even more complex and ambiguous the topic carnival.

We want this number to allow each article a showcase for the specificities and shared features or many Caribbean carnivals, also to wonder about the struggles that develop in the celebration as: spectator and participant roles, adaptations of traditional dances to global dances, the identities that are at stake in the scene and the constant struggle between control and regulation of the celebration.

We call all applicant with views on the processes of commodification, political significance, symbolic subversión, identity, (in) visibility, disipline, endurence and patrimonialization of one or more contemporary Caribbean carnivals perspective.

During the call for papers, the manuscripts may be received until June 21 of 2016 and submitted through by e-mail to y

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