Seminars and Conferences

Upcoming United Nations Academic Impact Webinars

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) has been holding a global conversation with scholars, educators, researchers and students to discuss priorities for the future, obstacles to achieving them, and the role of global academic cooperation in addressing global issues. In this framework, we are organizing a couple of webinars that will take place this month.

Together We Learn webinar

On 22 June, in partnership with UNHCR and within the framework of the World Refugee Day, we will have the webinar Together We Learn, that will help to disseminate information on concrete ways universities and the general public can contribute to inclusive and equitable quality education opportunities for displaced students and scholars. More information, including details for registration, here:

Future of Diplomacy after COVID-19 webinar

On 24 June, ahead of the UN Charter Day, we will have the webinar Future of Diplomacy after COVID-19, that will examine recent developments, ongoing challenges and new perspectives of multilateral diplomacy, within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and how this framework can and will change the work within international organizations such as the United Nations. The event will also highlight the critical relevance of multilateral diplomacy to address global problems through global solutions. More information, including details for registration, here: