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Side Trip to Citadelle

Side Trip to Citadelle being organized by Dwaine Plaza

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well. Folks, I am trying to negotiate a trip to the Citadelle for Sunday June 5th from the Mariott Hotel with all  transfers etc.. I am only looking to do this trip on Sunday because its my only day free while in Haiti (I leave on Friday). Please contact the tour operator directly to arrange other options.

Below you will see the price being offered by this tour company in Haiti. The company is highly recommended. It is expensive– but this is a once in a life time trip to see the Machu Picchu — equivalent in the Caribbean.

The alternative route is an overland (10 hour drive) with an over night stay before returning. Its cheaper but much more taxing on your body and you need to budget more time.

If you are seriously interested please get back to me. Or book on your own directly with the tour operator (instructions are below).

Personally I am going as this will likely be the only time in my life that I will ever be in Haiti and get a chance to visit this monumental architectural marvel created by the newly freed slaves in the 17th Century.

The price for the Citadelle trip varies according to how many people go, but I’ll give you a price for 4, 8 and 10.

The price for the airport transfers will be US$50 each time (so $100 round trip) for any size group up to 10. This is a total NOT PER Person. Over 10 it would be higher.

The plane tickets are US$186 per person round trip.

The Citadelle trip includes the following:

  • the transport from and to airport
  • transport up to 2nd parking, wait during lunch and return to airport
  • entry into the Citadelle
  • fully guided tours of Sans Souci palace and the Citadelle
  • horses/assts – if you want to walk up the last 30 mins steep hill, you can deduct $10 from the total
  • Lunch incl. a juice at Lakou Lakay, a community centre.

If any of your group has any diet restrictions I will need to know for the lunch. Everyone adores the lunch experience!

  • For 4 people = US$87.75
  • For 8 people = US$71
  • For 10 people = US$71.25

I think this gives you an idea of the price and as soon as you have the
final numbers of people, you can let me know and I will give you a definite

For the flights I will need the following information from each person:

Name as on passport

  • Passport no.
  • Expiry date
  • DOB

Contact Dwaine Plaza at:

Jacqui Labrom:

Other tour guides for your own arrangement:

Barbara Belotte
+509 36 93 33 14

Christian Laplanche
+509 36471155

Jacqueline Labrom
+509 36 07 13 21