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Message from the Caribbean Studies Association Executive Council

CSA statement on current conflict in Gaza

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) is an association whose members originate from and study the Caribbean, a region partially built out of the violences of colonization and that continues to be haunted by the legacies of colonization in the present. As such, CSA cannot help but voice its concern over continued violence and injustices that continue in the region, but also that bedevil this world. The CSA issues this statement to express its concern for the unfolding violence in Palestine that have resulted in mass destruction in Gaza, a humanitarian crisis, and the seeming indiscriminate killing of civilians despite the restraints required by the Geneva Convention. The CSA stands by humanitarian efforts towards a ceasefire in Palestine, standing firm in the view that innocents do not deserve to pay for political disputes with their lives.  Therefore, we support calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities and adherence to international laws as expressed in United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES–10/21. Further, we request that the United Nations Security Council support the will of the International Community for peace and respect for humanitarian priorities as expressed in said United Nations General Assembly resolution. We present this statement in solidarity with all those experiencing the tragedy of the protracted discord between Israel and Palestine, no matter their faith and whether they be our colleagues, friends, or people unknown to us. We raise this statement in support of academic freedom in the face of institutional and structural pressures that may seek to censor discussion and hush expressions of contempt for the current violence and high human costs of the continued unresolved conflict between Israel and Palestine. We raise this statement in support of peace and because we cannot remain silent while atrocities that approach the level of ethnic cleansing unfold in our world. We stand with humanity.