Call for Papers

Tenth Conference on East-West Intercultural Relations

Tenth Conference on East-West Intercultural Relations:
“East-West and Transpacific Studies: Reconfiguring Transnational Flows across the Pacific “

WHEN: May 11-12, 2018

WHERE: School of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, Lepušićeva 6


Dr. Ignacio Sánchez-Prado
Washington University in Saint Louis
“Shared Neoliberalisms: The Pacific’s Cultural Affects”


Deadline March 1, 2018. For online payment go to

USA/Asia: US$100

Graduate students – USA/Asia: $75

Europe: 80 euros

Graduate students – Europe: 60 euros

Latin America and Africa: US$60

If the website for online registration does not work, participants from the USA, can send a check signed to University of California Regents. The address is the following:

Dr. Ignacio López-Calvo
SSHA University of California, Merced
5200 North Lake Road
Merced, CA. 95343

Non US participants can pay on-site at the conference to any of the three co-organizers.

ABSTRACT: Please send your abstract via email before March 1, 2018 along with a brief biography (maximum of 10 lines) to the any of following emails:

Prof. Ignacio López-Calvo

Dean, prof. dr. sc. Lidija Kos-Stanišić

TIME: There will be a maximum of 20 minutes to present the paper (about 8 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman 12).

PUBLICATION: If presenters are interested, they can submit paper dealing with Luso-Hispanic issues to our academic journal Transmodernity: Journal of Peripheral Production of the Luso-Hispanic World to be evaluated by the editorial committee. Provided that there are enough submissions, a volume with selected essays may be published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing or another publisher.

LANGUAGES:  Papers can be presented in English or Spanish.

SUBTHEMES: You are cordially invited to present a paper dedicated to one of the following subthemes (other sub-themes related to the main theme of the conference may be accepted by the conference committee.)

  • Transnationalism across the Pacific
  • Transpacific Studies
  • Latin America and Asia
  • Croatia’s Knowledge of “the East”
  • Decolonial and Postcolonial Approaches to Global South cultural exchanges
  • Orientalism and Occidentalism
  • Decolonialism and Transmodernity
  • East-West intercultural relations
  • East Asia and Latin America
  • Hispanic Orientalism in literature and film
  • Orientalization of the Asian imaginary
  • Exoticizing Asia in the Americas and the Iberian world
  • Asian presence in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Asian travelers in the West
  • Western travelers in Asia
  • Images of the Luso-Hispanic world in Asian cultural production
  • Images of Asia in Luso-Hispanic literature and culture
  • Translations of Asian texts in Croatia
  • Latin American cultural production by authors of Asian descent
  • Travel narratives
  • Asian and Arab cultural production in the Hispanic world
  • Representation of Asian and Arab women in the Hispanic world
  • Asian and Arab Diasporas
  • Filipino literature in Spanish
  • Chinatowns in the Americas
  • Asian and Arab religiosity and “witchcraft” in the Americas
  • Muslims and Jews in the Western imagination

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