Rudolph Ottley

Rudolph OttleyWhilst residing in Canada Rudolph completed his tertiary education gaining certification in Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean studies (BA); (B.Ed); Ontario Teachers College and a Masters degree in Vocational Guidance and Counselling.

Rudolph completed his PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Trinidad and Tobago where he is currently employed as a Senior Instructor in the Academy of the Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs.

Additionally, Rudolph has published nine (9) books on Calypso:

  • Women in Calypso, part (1) 1992
  • Calypsonians From Then To Now, part (1) 1995
  • Calypsonians From Then To Now, part (2) 1998
  • The History of Anyhowers Sports Club1999
  • Women in Calypso, part (2) 2007
  • Calypsonians From Then To Now, part (3) 2008
  • The Revue @ Fifty, 2012
  • One Hundred Years of Vocal Calypso Recordings, 2014
  • Ambataila Women: The History of Women in Calypso From 1838-2014, 2016
  • The History of the Dimanche Gras Show (part 1) : From Mucurapo Stadium to the Savannah, 2018



  • PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Trinidad & Tobago
  • MSC. Ed Vocational Guidance and Counselling, Niagara University, Niagara, U.S.A
  • B.A. Sociology, Latin American and Caribbean studies, York University, Toronto Canada
  • B.ED. Education Ontario Teachers College , Toronto , Canada
  • Diploma with Distinction in Airline Human Resource Management, IATA Geneva


  • B.W.I.A. Manager Employee Services
  • TTpost…General Manager Human Resources

Human Resource Specialists (HRS) Limited…CEO/Principal Consultant


Author of nine (9) books namely

  1. Women in Calypso part (1) 1992
  2. Calypsonians From Then to Now…part (1) 1995
  3. Calypsonians From Then to Now…part (2) 1998
  4. The History of Anyhowers Sports & Cultural Club 2004
  5. Women in Calypso part (2) 2007
  6. Calypsonians From Then To Now part (3) 2008
  7. The Revue @ 50…2012
  8. Celebrating 100 Years of Vocal Calypso Recordings 2014
  9. Ambataila Women…2016


I was a panelist on the NATIONAL CARNIVAL COMMISSION (NCC) selecting the semi-finalists for the National Calypso Monarch competition for over five years.

Plus I was a member of the National Calypso Committee with responsibility for developing training programmes for aspiring judges and calypso tent management.

I also judged calypso competitions in Grenada, Toronto and London, England.

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