Call for Papers

Présence Africaine: Towards New Political and Cultural Perspectives

Tokyo International Symposium – Présence Africaine
Dates: 23 – 24 August 2017
Place: The Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (“ILCAA”), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS, Japan)

Présence Africaine: Towards New Political and Cultural Perspectives
Identities, memories and resistances between Africa, Europe and the Americas from colonization to post-colony

Our research project deals with the black literary and cultural journal Présence Africaine, which was founded by Senegalese Alioune Diop in 1947 and continues to be published to this day. As a major black intellectual press, the journal played a particularly important political and cultural role in the decolonization period of the 1950s. By re-examining the selected issues from the 1950s, the project attempts to shed new light on the black thought and movement of the mid-twentieth century as represented by the négritude movement, and thereby, attempts to explore the changing relations between politics and culture in an increasingly globalized world of the post-Cold War era. This joint research enables us to combine different areas of studies such as anthropology and literature, Africa and the Caribbean, francophone and anglophone worlds.

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