Call for Catalog Contributions

Port-au-Prince International Festival of Urban Arts – Festi-Graffiti

Call for Catalog Contributions
Port-au-Prince International Festival of Urban Arts “Festi-Graffiti”

The International Festival of Urban Arts of Port-au-Prince “Festi Graffiti” For almost two decades graffiti and more generally urban arts have taken off in the artistic world in Haiti.

And yet, it has not aroused the interest of researchers, art theorists and lovers of Haitian art. If certain artists who can be considered as urban artists benefit from any recognition, they owe it to other facets of their art which place them in a more traditional reading of artistic expressions in Haiti. If the wall, with the fall of the Duvaliers, has become one of the privileged places of political and social expression, these expressions are often accompanied by drawings and paintings. With the elections of Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1990, the wall became the support par excellence of the portrait of politicians and more precisely the elected one to the post of president.

But the 2000s saw the advent of real movements claiming Street art or urban culture, where young people engage in aesthetic research and lend to the wall another way of language. Thus was born in 2015 the International Festival of Urban Arts of Port-au-Prince “Festi Grafitti”.

This festival allows dialogue between Haitian and international artists. Aesthetics are confirmed, others emerge thanks to this dialogue.

The theme of the festival The year 2019 marks the 4th edition of the festival under the theme: Contemporary mobility: Deterritorialize from the imagination “, we take this opportunity to produce a catalog.

After more than a decade of urban arts practice, it is necessary to call on researchers, art historians, art critics and anyone knowledgeable in any discipline of the humanities to reflect on the graffiti and all urban expressions in general in Haiti, the Caribbean, Latin and North America, as well as Europe, since the festival welcomes artists from all over the world.

Proposals must take into account the theme of the 4th edition of the festival, it can be in the form of a monograph on one of the artists (Haitian or foreign) who participated in the 4th edition or in an earlier edition of the festival .

No analysis grid is imposed so that everyone can feel free in their approach, because we would like the proposals to be interdisciplinary. Our selection will be based on the relevance of the arguments in relation to the theme. arrangements Proposals for contributions must be submitted no later than February 15, 2020, in the form of a summary of 150 to 300 words, accompanied by a brief bibliography and some publications by the author.

You will find an answer at the end of March, which will fix the deadline for sending your text and the reference standards to be used at the following address The catalog will be coordinated by Sterlin Ulysse, aesthetic specialist and art historian.

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