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The Transformation of Black Music book cover

New Book: The Transformation of Black Music

New book from Oxford University Press: The Transformation of Black Music: The rhythms, the songs, and the ships of the African Diaspora by Sam Floyd, Melanie Zeck, and Guthrie Ramsey.

Powerful and embracive, The Transformation of Black Music explores the full spectrum of black musics over the past thousand years as Africans and their descendants have traveled around the globe making celebrated music both in their homelands and throughout the Diaspora. Authors Samuel A. Floyd, Melanie Zeck, and Guthrie Ramsey brilliantly discuss how the music has blossomed, permeated present traditions, and created new practices. As a companion to the ground-breaking The Power of Black Music, this text brilliantly situates emerging, morphing, and influential black music in a broader framework of cultural, political, and social histories.