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CSA Dialogue Series: Celebrating Black History & Black Excellence: Building Positive Connections in February & Beyond

Date: Wednesday Feb 28, 2024
Time: 3:00PM EST (Canada & USA); 4:00PM Caribbean; 9:00PM Nigeria; 8PM UK.

Zoom Access Link: CLICK HERE

Black History Month celebrations occur during the month of February across the Americas and the Caribbean. Canada endorsed Black History Month legislation in 1967. Since then, various celebrations have happened throughout the country. Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) folks organize events to celebrate and showcase their vibrant culture and heritage. A couple of questions that often come up are why these activities only happen in February and are quickly forgotten once the month is over and why public policy tends to remain unchanged even with the transformations over time. The theme for this year: Black Excellence: A Heritage To Celebrate, A Future to Build provides an opportunity to reflect on the real Black History, its contextualization today and new lens in which it could be viewed in the future. This from the perspective of being intentional, designing new creative & communicative strategies, and having measurable indicators for equity, justice and recognition. Join host Okama Ekpe Brook, Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) President & Founder & President of Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance (ACHA), as she facilitates a powerful discussion that celebrates Black Excellence while challenging difficult, stereotypical beliefs faced by BIPOC communities. She will be speaking with global panelists made up of speakers spanning Africa, Americas and Caribbean: Opubo Braide (Nigerian indigenous musicologist & researcher), Dwight Elliott (Jamaican-American Online Educator), Orlando Satchell (Caribbean passionate foodie), Funky Banjoko (Nigeria Canadian Politician), Hodan Ahmed (Somalian Canadian) to dive into this critical discourse. Register now – you don’t want to miss this one! This episode of the Dialogue Series is conducted in partnership with ACHA.

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