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Caribbean Indian Folktales

Caribbean Indian Folktales

Caribbean Indian FolktalesNOW BACK IN PRINT​ – Caribbean Indian Folktales

Collected by: Kumar Mahabir
Illustrations by: Angali Dabideen & Preddie Partap.
Foreword by: Professor Vibert C. Cambridge

Reprinted in the USA in 2016.
2005. xviii + 164 pp. 5¼ x 8¼ inches. Paperback.
ISBN 976-95049-2-0    TT$100. or US$30.
(price includes handling, registration and local/foreign postage)

Written as a textbook for secondary schools and as a collector’s item for personal pleasure, Caribbean Indian Folktales is an interesting, authentic and useful book. It is the first and largest collection of its kind to be written in the original English dialect of the storytellers.

Each tale is also accompanied by a Standard English version which has been sensitively written so as to retain the spirit and rhythm of the original narration.

The book consists of a collection of 25 stories which have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth from India to the Caribbean over a century and a half. The tales were tape-recorded from tradition-bearers in Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia, and Grenada since 1980.

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