Call for Papers

Caribbean Energy Policy, Societies, and Law Conference

The Faculty of Law & Institute of Gender & Development Studies (IGDS) UWI, St. Augustine Campus
in collaboration with
The University of Houston’s Graduate Certificate in Global Energy, Development, and Sustainability (GEDS) & The UH Law Center’s Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Center


Thursday October 4th 2018

This conference offers a unique opportunity for academics, researchers, industry executives, regulators, members of civil society groups, and  students to gather and reflect on the past, present, and future of energy production use in the Caribbean context. Participants will share their knowledge, experience, and research findings through a series of panel presentations, and two keynote speeches will be presented.

Commercial oil production in Trinidad and Tobago is in its 110th year, while Guyana is expected to commence offshore oil production in 2020. Working from the notion that “lessons learned” can contribute to the creation of policies that promote sustainable futures, we welcome the submission of research and conceptual papers that speak to the successes, difficulties, and failures associated with oil and gas production in the region. Comparative studies that situate Caribbean oil producers within the arena of global oil are of great interest, as are papers outlining “best practices” for managing Caribbean oil and gas in an age of energy transitions. The conference is multidisciplinary; we seek participants from diverse academic and practitioner backgrounds who will exchange knowledge and ideas and create new networks for 21st century solutions. As this conference aims to highlight energy, environment, law, and society, the areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Laws and Policies for Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in the 21st Century
  • The Trinidadian Model of Oil and Gas Development: Successes, Failures, Replicability?
  • Impact of the North America Shale Revolution on Caribbean Oil and Gas Industry, Markets, and Economic Growth
  • Global Energy Transitions: Climate Change Accords; Transitioning to Low Carbon Economies; The Role of Renewables in the Caribbean Energy Matrix
  • Role of Public Authorities, Civil Society, NGOs, and the Private Sector in Promoting Sustainable Oil and Gas Development
  • Gender, Energy, and Local Content/Workforce Issues
  • Environmental Law and Ethics
  • Human Rights and Environmental Rights: Engaging Communities and Stakeholders in Oil and Gas Development
  • International Environmental Principles and Regional Environmental Issues
  • Hazardous Waste Management in Energy Development

Abstract submission deadline: 15th AUGUST 2018

No longer than 200 words via email to BOTH Alicia Elias-Roberts: ; and Dr. Rebecca Golden Timsar: rlgolden@Central.UH.EDU

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