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Associate Director of Community Dialogue & Engagement

Oregon State University announces a national search for an Associate Director of Community Dialogue & Engagement. The successful candidate will have a passion for civil discourse, social justice and experiential learning and will be responsible for planning campus programs that spark civil discourse about controversial topics that engage a broad spectrum of the OSU community in a more nuanced and expanded exploration of issues of diversity and inequality as it relates to personal and social responsibility for building a more just society. A promising candidate for this position will advance the following;

  • Ability to express one’s voice to affect change and become active in what a person cares about.
  • Ability to negotiate traffic at the intersection where worlds collide.
  • Adeptness at critical thinking, conflict resolution, and cooperative methods.
  • Ability to listen eloquently and speak confidently
  • Skills in deliberation, dialogue, and community building
  • Development of a civic imagination
  • Capacity to work well across multiple differences
  • Serious exploration of and reflection about core animating personal values
  • Examination of personal values in the context of promoting the public good.
  • Espousal of democratic aspirations of equality, opportunity, liberty, and justice
  • Development of affective qualities of character, integrity, empathy, and hope
  • Ability to negotiate traffic at the intersection where worlds collide.

We recognize that by communicating through these self-other exchanges, individuals become intellectually illuminated, stimulated and discover both their differences and similarities that lead to a richer experience and understanding of our democratic ideals as a nation.

Please join Oregon State University in transforming the world one student at a time by sharing this position announcement widely with individuals who share a passion and sincere interest in deliberative democracy in action.

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