The Routledge Handbook to the Culture and Media of the Americas

The Routledge Handbook to the Culture and Media of the Americas

Popular music flows (chapter 16)

2020 Campbell, Nigel, Raussert, Wilfried, Sylvester, Meagan. Tomlinson, Lisa. 2020. Popular Music Flows. In Wilfried Raussert, Giselle Anatol, Sara Corona Berkin, Sebastian Thies José Carlos Lozano, editors. The Routledge Handbook to the Culture and Media of the Americas. London/New York, 2020, ISBN 9781138479821

A popular music is defined as music with a wide appeal and frequently also distributed to large audiences through the channels of the music industry or the new media. Music genres have been chosen that have a strong regional or national identity in the cartography of music history. While they are recognizably vernacular inventions, they have achieved trans-local and some global presence. Quintessentially, the music genres are transcultural musical expressions by birth and development that move beyond the kind of cultural reflexivity that leads to the formation of a patria. Location and a cultural circumstances in other locales in the Americas fostered variations away from the narrow definition of jazz to encompass the “Other” and to absorb “native” rhythms and foster new “norms.” Critics and musicians like Wynton Marsalis have labelled and promoted America(s)’ classical music with the term jazz.

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About the Authors

Nigel A. CampbellNigel A. Campbell graduated from the University of Toronto in 1984. His interests are the music business in small economies, and the development of markets for Caribbean music internationally. As a music businessman focused on expanding the appeal of Island Music globally via new media, live performance and distribution, he produces the largest Caribbean Jazz festival in Trinidad and Tobago, Jazz Artists on the Greens, writes and podcasts on the Caribbean music industry, and publishes Jazz in the Islands

Wilfried RaussertWilfried Raussert is Chair of North American and InterAmerican Studies at Bielefeld University, Germany. He is the Director of the International Association of Inter-American Studies and co-founder of the Black Americas Network at the Center for InterAmerican Studies CIAS, Bielefeld. He was chair of the Entangled Americas project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research 2013-2020. Among his recent publications are the edited books The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies (2017), Sonic Politics: Music and Social Movements in the Americas (2019), The Routledge Handbook to the Culture and Media in the Americas (2020) and the authored monograph Que está pasanda?: Cómo la música le da forma a lo social (2020). He holds a PhD from the University of Mississippi, Oxford and a Habilitation from Humboldt University Berlin. He is a multidisciplinary artist and scholar also working in the fields of photography and music and just recently published as photographer Black Matters (2020) with Afua Cooper as co-author and poet at Roseway Publishing, Halifax, Canada.

Meagan SylvesterMeagan Sylvester is a published author of over fifteen book chapters and journal articles and is a well known public academic in her native Trinidad and Tobago where she uses both traditional (television, print and radio) and social media platforms to engage discussions on the Calypso and Soca musical artforms. Her research topics of interest are Music and National Identity in Calypso and Soca, Music of Diasporic Carnivals, Narratives of Resistance in Calypso and Ragga Soca music, Steelpan and kaisoJazz musical identities, Gender and Identity in Calypso and Soca music and Music and Human Rights in the Americas. In pursuit of fulfilling her academic goals, she has presented academic papers and hosted scholarly workshops in several spaces across the globe including Europe, Latin America, South America, the United States and numerous islands in the Caribbean.

Lisa Tomlinson is a researcher and author. Her areas of specialization include literary and cultural studies of the Caribbean and African diaspora. Lisa is currently a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in the Institute of Caribbean Studies where she teaches courses on Caribbean and African Diaspora film, Caribbean cultural studies and the study of culture. Some of her publications include book chapters in Jamaicans in the Canadian Experience: A Multiculturalizing Presence; Critical Insights: Richard Wright, Critical Insights: Harlem Renaissance, Archipelagos of Sound: Transnational Caribbeanities, Women and Music; and International Reggae: Current and Future Trends in Jamaican Popular Music.

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