Stefan Walcott

Dr. H. Stefan WalcottDr. H. Stefan Walcott

Stefan Walcott is a performer and a young academic with a focus on the popular music of the English- speaking Caribbean. Stefan has a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill and currently lectures part-time at the University of the West Indies. He also tutors at the Barbados Community College, where he teaches Caribbean Music, Music History and runs the Caribbean Music Ensemble. Stefan has self-published three books, 60 Caribbean Folk Songs, 20 Bajan folks and Caribbean Composer’s Handbook, which is being used in the education system in Barbados. He also has the only blog on Caribbean Music,, which discusses music and culture. Stefan also leads a unique musical ensemble called the 1688 Collective, which has a not-for-profit arm called 1688 Dingolay Inc., which focuses on group childhood music education. Stefan has also created Handel’s Caribbean Messiah, an original re-working of Handel’s Messiah for using Caribbean folk and popular culture as well as led Barbados’ national delegation to Carifesta.   Stefan is currently director of the University of the West Indies Big Band.

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