Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges

Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges book coverStandpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges

The volume was envisioned and produced through a pedagogical centering of an ethic of care. It is premised on the belief bell hooks refers to as “education as the practice of freedom” (1994, 207) providing a space for students to ask difficult questions about themselves and the world around them through their scholarship. The text, published by Virginia Tech Publishing, highlights the scholarship of graduate students and focuses on the theorizing of Black women globally, including from a US perspective, Caribbean feminist work, and Africana womanism. Trichia Cadette

Cover by: St. Lucian graduate Student Trichia Cadette – MFA program Virginia Tech




Andrea N. BaldwinAndrea N. Baldwin (

Dr. Baldwin is an assistant professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana studies in the Department of Sociology at Virginia Tech.  She has several publications and is currently working on her first monograph entitled Black Feminism, Postcolonialism and American Higher Education: Gender, Race and the Body. Dr. Baldwin has also written and narrated a short documentary film entitled Self Care: A Radical Act which was screened at the Belin Feminist Film Festival in March 2018.  She is the recipient of several awards and was awarded an international fellowship at Brown University in 2010. She was also awarded the 2020  Certificate of Teaching Excellence from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech and the 2018 John S. King Excellence in Teaching Award from her former institution Connecticut College, where she also served as the Assistant Director of Africana Studies and the Associate Director for Praxis at the Center for the Critical Study of Race and Ethnicity. Dr. Baldwin was born and raised on the small Caribbean island state of Barbados and considers herself an all-around Caribbean woman and loves everything coconut and soca.

Ashley ReichelmannAshley Reichelmann ( is an assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Tech. She received her PhD from Northeastern University, her MSc from the University of Bristol (UK), and her BA from the College of New Jersey. Her research focuses on collective memory and past violence as a cause and consequence of contemporary violence and prejudice. Recent projects include the following: the impact of memorialization on local communities, the relationship between white racial identity and sociopolitical attitudes, and how racial identity and emotion affect how individuals interpret and represent historical violence. Ranging from hate crimes and school shootings to prejudice and genocide, her work sits at the crossroads of social psychology, race studies, and criminology, attempting to better understand how past violence impacts modern identity and intergroup relations. Her work has been published in the Journal for Homicide Studies, American Behavioral Scientist, and Social Psychology Quarterly.

Anthony Kwame HarrisonAnthony Kwame Harrison ( is the Gloria D. Smith Professor of Africana Studies at Virginia Tech. Holding a PhD in cultural anthropology, Dr. Harrison’s research examines processes of racialization and knowledge creation surrounding hip-hop musical aesthetics, the racialized production of social space, and qualitative research methodologies. He is the author of two books—Hip Hop Underground (Temple University Press, 2009) and Ethnography (Oxford University Press, 2018)—and coedited Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019).


List of student authors and their chapters can be found here:

Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges


Standpoints: Black Feminist Knowledges book launchTestimonials

The text is currently being reviewed by the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity journal.

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“This text is a great, imaginative idea I want to create with my students too! Thanks for your inventive work, Andrea.”

– Nandi Cisse

We received several reviews at the book launch which was held on February 6th.  Photo: Some attendees at the book launch including the publishing team.