Neville Duncan

Neville DuncanQuestions for CSA Past Presidents

Responses by Neville Duncan
CSA President 1999-2000

How did you come to specialize in Caribbean Studies?

Because I wanted to make a contribution to Caribbean Development

How did your interest in and commitment to Caribbean Studies evolve?

Simply from my University educational choice for economics and then political science along with a deep impatience I have with injustice in the world.

When did you first join CSA and what did it mean to you then?

I am not sure but it was probably around 1975/1976

What were your goals for CSA the year of your presidency?

I wanted to hold the CSA conference on a cruise ship and hold an on-land seminar at each stop to let us experience more of the insular Caribbean on the sea that binds us together.

What did you recognize to be the greatest obstacles facing CSA and Caribbean Studies during your presidency?

The two major obstacles to the conference cruise were institutions not seeing it as a vital academic experience worth funding and our membership thinking they could not win financial support for conference attendance thereby. The fall-back position became St. Lucia and the time became tight to achieve net financial results for CSA organization.

What did you consider to be the greatest accomplishment of CSA that year?

As at every CSA, to the sessions I was able to attend (because of simultaneous scheduling of sessions) there were many exciting scholarly papers delivered and many young scholars participated.

Why did you choose the location you did for the CSA annual conference that year?

I love St. Lucia, there was a new Marriot’s hotel which had the accommodation, we expected a special deal which did not materialize, and we hoped that most CSA members would have stayed there.

Where do you hope to see CSA in the next ten years?

Continuing to nurture young scholars and introducing them to senior scholars with prospects for effective collaboration in research and publication.

What is one of your fondest CSA memories?

Visiting Caribbean areas in Latin America! It makes one feel an deep emotional connection with LA!

What are you doing now in terms of the Caribbean?

Consultancies on Belize, BVI, Jamaica, etc Will be writing a book on Caribbean Development

Where do see the future of Caribbean Studies?

As deliberately fostering cross-country studies through bidding for large scale funding for such projects from Donor and Development agencies

What would you recommend to a young scholar starting in Caribbean Studies?

Go to and fall in love with CSA It is an open and friendly academic and fun environment!!