Maya I. Freeman

Maya Freeman

Maya I. Freeman

Position: Graduate Student Representative (2023-2025)

Maya I. Freeman the current CSA2023-2025 Graduate Student Representative is a researcher, health/wellness educator, creative artist, photojournalist, and mother. Freeman is a graduate student in the Goddard Graduate Institute of Goddard College.

Maya Freeman has remained committed to successfully completing her Ph.D. in Sociology. Freeman’s research and interdisciplinary studies in Caribbean/Indigenous Global History, Global/African Diasporan Studies, Global Social History, Hybrid Cultural Studies, and related areas inclusive of Intersectional Studies of the Caribbean and wider Americas.

Freeman completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology-Cum Laude at City University of New York-Hunter College. Freeman attended the University of the Virgin Islands- Orville Kean Campus in St. Thomas from 2014-2016 attending CUNY-Hunter College.

Freeman remains engaged in community service organizations, social media marketing, graphic design development, and creative arts consultant projects. Served as CSA2023 St. Croix Local Organizing Committee Representative and Virtual Administrative Program Coordinator for
CSA2023 St. Croix Conference.