Hélène Zamor

Hélène ZamorHélène Zamor, a native of Martinique, moved to Barbados in 1993. She studied in Linguistics at thé UWI Cave Hill Campus where she earned her Ph.D in 2008. Dr. H. Zamor has been teaching French at the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature. She was coordinator for the Modern Languages Department from 2019 to 2021.

Dr. Zamor is an active member of the Caribbean Studies Association and Barbados-China Association. Her main areas of research include Culture, History and Music. She published an article entitled French Caribbean Village Shops: thé Martini an Débits de la Régie (Wadabagei. A Journal of thé Caribbean and Its Global Discourse).

Dr. Zamor conducted research into thé sugar cane and rum industry in 2018 and published an article on rum manufacturing in Barbados and Martinique in thé Journal of thé Barbados Museum Historical Society. In  addition, a monograph on thé sugar cane industry in Martinique was also published. Concomitant with  that the “Importance of Language and Culture to thé Growing Sino-Caribbean” was published in Global Discourse in November 2021. Dr. Zamor was thé sub-editor for thé CSA newsletter from 2015 to 2018.

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