Genève Phillip-Durham

Genève Phillip-DurhamGenève Phillip-Durham

Dr. Genève Phillip-Durham is the Principal Consultant of REACH Global; a Caribbean-based research, education, and career consulting firm. She holds a Bsc. in Public Sector Management, Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations, Msc. in Global Studies, and PhD. in International Relations. Over the past ten (10) years, Genève has served in management and leadership roles both regionally and internationally, inter alia; as Administrative Manager at the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, the Dean of Academics at the University of St. Martin and the Supervisory Committee of Eastern Credit Union. She is currently the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University College of Cayman Islands. Genève also serves as an Academic Board Member of the Accreditation Agency of Curaçao, the Book Reviews Editor for the Island Studies Journal- an international peer reviewed journal, and Secretary of the Board of Directors for Solar Head of State- an international NGO which focuses on sustainability and renewable energy.

Genève has a keen interest in contributing to the political economy of development, specifically in Caribbean small island states and non-independent territories and as such, much of her academic work focuses on generating indigenous and innovative policy solutions for island-nominated challenges. She has published peer reviewed articles and book chapters on topics such as; capacity and institution building, policy practice, good governance, diversification and resilience, and has presented her academic research at several Conferences throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

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