Dr. Wesley Crichlow

Dr. Wesley Crichlow“Doing Caribbean Studies in Canada”
– Dr. Wesley Crichlow, member of the Finance Committee

Dr. Wesley Crichlow is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, within the youth and criminology specialization, at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. Wesley is an interdisciplinary youth scholar and community social justice activist who works with socially and economically disadvantaged youth, engaging in youth community empowerment. His academic life is a public expression of his commitment to Black LGBT criminology, anti-black racism, and social justice. He is also committed to working across borders, connecting the spaces between the Caribbean and Canada, as well as unsettling the uneven terrain. This is evident in his book titled Buller Men & Batty Bwoys: Hidden Men in Toronto and Halifax’s Black Communities (University of Toronto Press 2003), and more recently in an issue of the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (special issue on dominant masculinities), which he co-edited. His goal is to trouble a voyeuristic, hyper-sexualized, unidirectional gaze, and open up spaces to consider the influences circulating between the Caribbean and Canada, in the context of the hyper-visibility of the Caribbean body.  In addition, he has been involved with diverse community based projects and is also an internationally engaged scholar providing support and expertise mainly in the areas of Black LGBTQ criminology; street criminology; gender, sexuality & youth gangs; state structural violence on Black bodies; youth arts based alternative programs to criminal justice and anti-homophobia pedagogy within the Black community. His current research aims to develop evidence base research to inform rehabilitation counselling, residential treatment, interventions for youth and young adults gang-exit and offender desistance, prevention programs and policy that relate to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender and gender presentation, for former and current LGBT gang involved and incarcerated young adults.