Student Mentorship Committee

Russell BenjaminRussell Benjamin, Chair

Associate Professor of Political Science at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois
Ph.D. in Political Science from the Uni­versity of Florida

Teaching includes American National Government, African American Politics and Social Change, State Government and Politics, Minority Politics in the U.S., The Politics of Poverty, and The Politics of Minority Economic Development.

Research focuses on the politics of race in the United States, especially as they intersect with entrepreneurship, consumerism, and the U.S. policy toward the Caribbean.



Genève PhillipMs. Genève Phillip, Co-Chair

PhD International Relations Candidate
Bsc (Hons), PgDip, Msc, University of the West Indies

Genève has attended the University of the West Indies since 2006 where she has received undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the fields of Public Sector Management (Bsc), International Relations (PgDip) and Global Studies (Msc). She is currently pursuing a PhD International Relations, at The UWI Institute of International Relations, St. Augustine Campus, for which she has been awarded a UWI Postgraduate Scholarship. Her PhD research seeks to
problematize the concept of good governance and one of the primary goals of the research, is to arrive at context specific solutions to island nominated challenges. Norm interpretation and ideational diffusion are some of the key issues which she is currently interested in exploring further.

Genève has presented her work on various themes including but not limited to: climate change, sustainable development and corruption at conferences across the region and internationally. Over the past year, her major academic accomplishment has been receiving the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Scholarship, which has allowed her the opportunity to attend a Canadian University of her choice to conduct research under the supervision of a scholar
with which she shares similar research interests. She opted for the University of Prince Edward Island, PEI, Canada, where she was mentored by one of the leading pioneers in and contributors to the field of Island Studies, Professor Godfrey Baldacchino. Genève recounts this as an invaluable experience due to her growing interest in Nissology – a field of interdisciplinary research which emphasizes the study of islands on their own terms. With the overwhelming support she receives from her supervisor Dr. Matthew L. Bishop, she hopes to complete her PhD by December 2015.

Lindsey HerbertLindsey Herbert

Lindsey Villarreal Herbert obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz in an Interdisciplinary Major that focused on African and Caribbean Studies.  The work culminated with a project that investigated the lives of women enslaved in Barbados and Virginia in the nineteenth century.  She then went on to earn a Master or Arts degree from UCLA in African American Studies with a focus on the Caribbean.  Her thesis work examined Blackspace as conceptualized by Jamaican author, activist and scholar Erna Brodber.  She continues to be engaged in Caribbean Studies through her work as a Graduate Advisor in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley, where she has worked for the last ten years.  In addition to academic advising she works as a certified Legal Expert with law firms in the Bay Area on legal cases for Rastafarian clients, which entails examining religious rights and cultural practices for Rastafarians in the United States and US Virgin Islands.  She has been attending CSA and doing work for the Graduate Mentoring Program since 2004 in St. Kitts.