Literary Salon Committee

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Presentations related to the challenges of writers and publishing are welcome at the Literary Salon. Please submit your proposal following the guidelines given through the CSA 2019 Call for Papers portal for it to be reviewed. Once you are informed that the proposal has been accepted, e-mail the committee members with any questions related to logistics and needs.

Ariel Camejo VentoAriel Camejo Vento, Committee Chair

Doctor in Literary Sciences from the University of Havana and professor at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Havana. His published books are: (2014) (coord., Notes and prologue). In: Elogio de la Creolidad, Bernabé J., Chamoiseau, P. and Confiant, R. (eds.). Havana: House of the Americas; with Haydée Arango (2008) (compilation and notes): Saint-John Perse: on the roads of the earth, Casa de las Américas-Confluences Caraïbes. Havana: Bilingual French-Spanish edition; Adriana López Labourdette (eds.) (2015) Pa (i) urban sajes. Barcelona: Linkgua.