Film and Visual Arts Committee

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Functions of the Film and Visual Arts Committee:

  • Highlight contemporary Caribbean audiovisual productions
  • Evaluate their role in making visible the narratives, stories and concerns of Caribbean peoples and their diasporas
  • Undertake activities that promote the intellectual and cultural significance of Caribbean audio visual artistic expressions
  • Ensure participation of this special group in CSA’s annual conference
  • Manage the call for panels/or proposals for the annual conference, that includes, assuming responsibility for evaluating and approving submissions

Committee Members

Thalia Díaz VietaThalia Díaz Vieta, Co-Chair

Thalía Díaz Vieta holds a degree in Art History from University of Havana. She specializes in cultural memory of the Caribbean diaspora in the cinema, particularly in the work of Cuban filmmaker Gloria Rolando. Her research and teaching areas include: Caribbean cinema and visual arts, migration and cultural memories of Caribbean diaspora, religious and performance cultures of Caribbean diaspora. She has published in the magazine Nierika (Universidad Iberoamericana de México) and Anales del Caribe (Casa de las Américas, Cuba).


Yanique HumeYanique Hume

Yanique Hume holds a PhD in interdisciplinary studies from Emory University and is a lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus (Barbados). She specialises in the multidisciplinary field of Caribbean Cultural Studies with a focus on Cuba and Haiti. Her research and teaching areas include: religious and performance cultures of the African diaspora, Caribbean thought, popular culture, migration and diasporic identities.  Yanique is the co-editor of two anthologies, Caribbean Cultural Thought: From Plantation to Diaspora (2013) and Caribbean Popular Culture: Power, Politics and Performance (2016).