Lifetime Achievement Award

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The CSA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievements by a living scholar in academic leadership relating to the multi-disciplinary field of Caribbean Studies.  “Leadership” refers primarily to foundational or superior contributions in research and scholarship, but also considers teaching and mentoring, organizational or center development, as well as contributions to the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA).

By instituting a Lifetime Achievement Award, CSA intends to recognize and honor the role and lifetime work of scholars who have contributed significantly and consistently to our field of study, and who have by virtue of their professional persona and intellect helped to expand not only the field’s boundaries, but also achieved greater public acknowledgment of and understanding for Caribbean Studies as a field of intellectual engagement and for the Caribbean region as a space of valuable and significant contributions to humanity.

Eligibility and nomination process:

  • Nominations may be made on behalf of individuals who are living at the time of the nomination;
  • Candidates need not be members of the CSA;
  • Candidates need not be currently engaged in research and scholarship;
  • There are no restrictions with regard to race, gender, nationality, geographic location, or religious or political views;
  • The award will be presented to an individual only and will be presented at the occasion of the CSA annual conference.

Nominations may be made by an individual or a group, whether CSA member(s) or non-member(s), who is/are now or has/have been actively engaged in Caribbean Studies.  However, candidates may not nominate themselves.  Nominations are to be supported by a one-page, typed justification statement detailing the contributions of the candidate and why his/her work over a life-time is to be considered outstanding.  The nomination should also be accompanied by the candidate’s CV.


Candidates will be considered by a Selection Committee consisting of five members, nominated by the CSA President.  The committee members should be considered senior scholars and have to have been members of the CSA for at least 5 years.  Nomination of a candidate cannot be considered if the candidate is a member of the Selection Committee.

After careful deliberations by the committee, its recommendation will be forwarded to the CSA Executive Committee for final consideration and decision.  Selection of the award winner will be made on the basis of the candidate’s significant, fundamental contributions to Caribbean Studies, the outstanding and/or lasting impact of these contributions on the field; and the demonstration of a lifetime commitment to Caribbean Studies.

All nominations are to be submitted by March 30, 2020. The decision shall be made by April 28, 2020 and will be communicated immediately to the winner of the award.  Winners are expected to make a reasonable effort to attend the annual conference to receive their award.

Please mail or email the required materials (by March 30, 2020) to:

Dwaine Plaza, Ph.D.
Chair of the Selection Committee
Professor of Sociology
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon. USA