Agostinho Pinnock

Agostinho PinnockAgostinho Pinnock

Agostinho is completing a transdisciplinary PhD in geography and art history in the department of Geography and the Environment at Loughborough University (LU). His research interrogates how visual and kinaesthetic cultures recover systematically excluded histories in modern Jamaica through monumentality, visual arts and street dance (dancehall). Agostinho’s thesis is entitled: Geographies of Struggle: History, Art and Nationhood in Post/colonial and Post-independence Jamaica, 2000-Present. His research is funded by an International Studentship from LU’s Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT): Feminism, Sexual Politics and Visual Culture. He won the Antipode Foundation’s Right to the Discipline grant, ‘Refusing Violence: Creating Joy through Black Artmaking’, in collaboration with the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre (SLRC). Agostinho was the recipient of a Loughborough University Open Programme grant and the Development Geographies Research Group (DevGRG) Travel Prize (2021). The DevGRG is a large and active research group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers).

Agostinho is the co-convener of the Global Black Geographers’ (GBG) Collective, which is a transnational network of Black, early career researchers, independent scholars and artists based in Britain, Africa, the United States and Latin America. The Collective critiques global Black geographies beyond the global north through critically engaged scholarship and community. He has published in key international journals and has edited a soon-to-be published themed intervention about global Black geographies. Agostinho has contributed a book chapter on Jamaican dancehall popular culture and identity (UWI Press) and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). He has taught modules in modern and contemporary art (LU), and reggae poetry, media and communications research, gender studies and academic writing.

In line with his previous training and work in development and environmental communications and public relations (in the Caribbean and South America), Agostinho was awarded an Organisation of American States (OAS) Scholarship for Fieldwork Training at Florida International University (2018). He received a United States Department of State (USDS) community development grant (2018) and an USDS International Visitor (IV) Grant. His short fiction is published in Pree Caribbean Writings (online magazine). He sings with the Curve Theatre Gospel Choir (Leicester). Agostinho tweets @AgostinhoP_2021.

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