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Air carriers

Simon Bolivar International Airport (code IATA: SMR, code  OACI: SKSM) is located 16 km from the city center. It was declared an International Airport in December 2007 and flights arrive from Bogotá, Medellin, and Cali.

These routes are operated by Avianca, LAN Colombia and Viva Colombia airlines. COPA Airlines connects to Barranquilla and Cartagena through Panama.  International Charter flights also arrive.  Most international flights stop over at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota and from there connect to Santa Marta. Many international flights arrive at the Colombian Caribbean through the Ernesto Cortissos Airport in Barranquilla, and the Rafael Núñez Airport in Cartagena. Ground transportation is available from Barranquilla and Cartagena to Santa Marta.

Simon Bolivar Airport, Santa Marta


Bogotá – Santa Marta              10 daily flights

Medellin – Santa Marta            1 daily flight

Cali – Santa Marta                   1 daily flight

VIVA AIR (Low Cost)

Bogotá- Santa Marta               2 daily flights

Medellin – Santa Marta            2 daily flights

Miami – Santa Marta                1 flight   Tuesdays-Thursdays- Saturdays


Bogotá – Santa Marta              3 daily flights


Ernesto Cortissos Airport,   Barranquilla


Bogotá – Barranquilla              17 daily flights

Medellin – Barranquilla           1 daily flight

Cali – Barranquilla                   1 daily flight

Miami – Barranquilla               1 daily flight


Bogotá – Barranquilla              2 daily flights


Panamá – Barranquilla             2 daily flights


Miami – Barranquilla               1 daily flight


Monteria – Barranquilla           1 daily flight

Bucaramanga – Barranquilla    1 daily flight

WINGO   Low cost

San Andrés – Barranquilla       1 daily flight on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Rafael Núñez Airport,  Cartagena


Bogotá – Cartagena                 17 daily flights

Medellin – Cartagena               1 daily flight

Cali – Cartagena                      1 daily flight

San Andrés – Cartagena           1 daily flight

Miami – Cartagena                   1 daily flight


Bogotá – Cartagena                 6 daily flights

Medellin – Cartagena               2 daily flights

Lima – Cartagena                     1 daily flight   

San Andrés – Cartagena           1 daily flight


Bogotá – Cartagena                 2 daily flights

Medellin – Cartagena               2 daily flights

San Andrés- Cartagena            1 daily flight


Panamá – Cartagena                2 daily flights


Miami – Cartagena                   1 daily flight


Fort Lauderdale – Cartagena    1 daily flight

New York – Cartagena            2 daily flights


Atlanta – Cartagena                   Saturdays.  1 flight


Fort Lauderdale – Cartagena        1 daily flight

New York – Cartagena                 1 daily flight

Ground Transportation:

The main route to reach the city of Santa Marta is the Troncal del Caribe road which, in the northwest, connects with Riohacha (165 km) and in the southwest with Barranquilla (93 km), and Cartagena (209 km). This route also connects with Troncal del Magdalena, the department capital as well as many cities, among them Bogota, the capital.

Transportation between Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena: 

There are several transport companies between these cities and between terminals. Among them are Berlinas del Fonce (, Marsol, and Brasilia.

The average ticket price between Barranquilla – Santa Marta is $27.000 COP and between Cartagena and Santa Marta $65.000 COP

Local Transportation


Cars offering this service are regulated by authorized fares and the use of taximeters.

Examples of average rates:

  • Transfer Santa Marta Airport – Zona city of Santa Marta = $29.000 COP
  • Transfer Santa Marta – Santa Marta Airport                            = $25.000 COP


Evenings (from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.) Sundays and holidays  = $500

Private Transportation

Advice can be given for the design of a transportation plan and its coordination as well as supervision.

Aviatur, the local travel agency, has the necessary logistics to provide an excellent transportation service to all participants as well as special guests. All transportation is carried out in new vehicles: cars, small buses and vans. All have AC, and uniformed drivers with cell phones.

Service 1 to 3 pax Van 4 to 6 pax Van 7 to 14 pax
Transfer Santa Marta airport – Hotel in  urban area (one way) COP55.000 COP130.000  COP170.000
Transfer Barranquilla Airport – Santa Marta (one way)  COP350.000  COP 450.000  COP550.000
Transfer Cartagena Airport – Santa Marta (one way)  COP590.000  COP760.000  COP960.000


  • Rates subject to change without previous notification.
  • Services are subject to availability.
  • Rates are quoted based on the number of passengers requested. Rates may be recalculated if there is a change to the number of passengers.
  • The quoted rates do not imply a reservation or confirmation of services.
  • Drivers are subject to changes.
  • If the return trip is delayed or takes places after the set time, there will be an additional charge for the waiting time.
  • Night services will be charged at an additional 20% of the cost from 20:00 hours.


  • Changes to services already scheduled and confirmed must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled service.
  • Cancellations of requested and scheduled services must be notified 24 hours in advance. If not, the charge will be 100% of the fare.
  • All cancellation requests must be made in writing by the person who requested the service, as well as in the time corresponding to the requested service. Otherwise, it will be charged as a fulfilled service with the observation No Show.
  • If a vehicle arrives on the day of service and is not used, the charge will be 100%, based on the quoted rate.

Sincerely yours,


Business Manager, Aviatur Santa Marta