Oneil Hall

Oneil Hall

Oneil Hall

Position: Council Member 2024-2026

Oneil Hall, a dedicated scholar in Caribbean studies, has made significant contributions to the fields of history. A committed member of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) since 2011, Hall has demonstrated his dedication to the association and the broader academic community through his service on various committees. Notably, he served as a member of the Program Chair Committee in 2023 and 2024 and co-chaired the Travel Grants Committee during the same years.

Hall’s academic journey began at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus, where he earned both his PhD and BA in History. His pursuit of educational excellence continued with a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Mico University College. As a UWI Scholar and recipient of the UWI Post Graduate Scholarship, Hall exemplified a deep commitment to his studies and academic growth.

Currently, Hall serves as an adjunct lecturer in the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the History and Archaeology Department at the UWI, Mona Campus. Previously, he served as a temporary full-time lecturer in the Institute of Caribbean Studies, where he acted as coordinator of the university-wide foundation course Caribbean Civilization and Project 4.0. Additionally, he teaches History and Caribbean Studies at St. Andrew High School for Girls, where he imparts his extensive knowledge and passion for the subject to younger generations.

Hall’s involvement with academic associations is extensive and impactful. His long-standing membership in the CSA since 2011, coupled with his recent supportive roles, underscores his dedication to fostering academic collaboration and support within the Caribbean studies community. His work as Co-Chair of the Travel Grants Committee in 2023 and 2024 highlights his commitment to facilitating opportunities for researchers to share their work and engage with peers across the region.

In 2015, Hall co-founded CO Research Consultancy, a research-based enterprise offering archival research services to scholars, lecturers, government agencies, and businesses. His expertise has been instrumental in numerous projects.

Hall’s dedication to historical research is evident in his numerous scholarly publications. He has authored chapters in books such as “The Cayman Islands: History, Politics, and Society Essays in Honour of J. A. Roy Bodden” and has published articles like “Africans and Pedro St. James” in the Journal of the University College of the Cayman Islands. His insightful book reviews have appeared in journals such as the Journal of Sport History, Caribbean Quarterly, and Jamaica Journal, further contributing to academic discourse.

Recognized for his contributions, Hall has received several distinctions and awards, including the Jamaica Gleaner’s Silver Pen Award for the best letter to the editor in February 2015. These accolades reflect his exceptional dedication to Caribbean studies and his role as a leading academic in the field.

Hall’s scholarly impact extends beyond publications and awards. He has presented at numerous conferences and seminars on diverse topics such as national identity formation in Grenada and Jamaica, the experiences of Jamaican female domestic workers in the Cayman Islands, and the complex historical relations between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. His active participation in these events underscores his commitment to advancing knowledge and providing valuable insights into Caribbean history.

Hall’s dissertation, “The Relationship between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, 1862-2005,” is a testament to his comprehensive understanding of Caribbean history. This work, along with his ongoing research on the experiences of Jamaican migrant women in the Cayman Islands, explores the intricate connections between these territories and highlights the challenges faced by Caribbean women.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Hall engages in public service, contributing to the Homelessness Committee of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation in Jamaica since March 2017. His participation in radio programs discussing critical Caribbean issues further demonstrates his commitment to community engagement and public discourse.

Hall’s multifaceted contributions to Caribbean studies, his outstanding academic achievements, and his dedication to public service and education underscore his pivotal role in advancing knowledge and historical understanding in the Caribbean region and beyond. His work continues to shape the academic landscape and enrich the broader understanding of Caribbean history.