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Call for Nominations: CSA Executive Council

The CSA Nominations Committee is currently seeking nominations for the upcoming annual election of members to the CSA Executive Council. The open offices include (description of responsibilities below):

  • vice president, (one-year and then assumes presidency)
  • three executive council member positions, (two-year term)
  • one student representative, (two-year term)

Guidelines for identifying nominees are listed below. Additional information about the duties of these positions may be found in the CSA Constitution and Bylaws. Nominations should be sent submitted online here (https://goo.gl/forms/QD4lDjV4451Riv612) by March 15, 2019. All nominations should be submitted on formal/institutional letterhead and should include:

  • Name, affiliation, contact information for the person nominated.
  • Summary statement indicating that appropriate guidelines have been met
  • Brief paragraph stating the rationale for nomination
  • Contact information of person making nomination

Should your nominee be included on the election ballot, the nominator will be asked to help secure the following information from the nominee:

  • Photo
  • Biography
  • CV
  • Candidate statement on their vision for CSA (300-350 words)
  • Letter of Institutional Support (recommended)

All nominated individuals need to be in good financial standing with the Association and must be current members. All members in good financial standing are invited to participate in the election process. Based on the CSA Constitution Article 111 Section 2 “Membership in CSA is established by payment of annual dues on a calendar year basis, from January through December. A member in good standing is one who has paid the specified dues for the current year. Only members in good standing can vote and are eligible for election or appointment as officers.” Membership payment is due on January 1st of each year (membership rates apply on a calendar year basis and ALL memberships end on December 31st of each year).

Category Membership Fee (USD)
Caribbean Resident  $85.00
Non-Caribbean Resident  $160.00
Student  $55.00
CSA Elders (for retired members only) $55.00


Please click here to check your membership status or renew your membership for 2019. You can use the same link to register. If you don’t know your password, click on “retrieve password” and it will be emailed to you. If you need to pay via cheque or via the Secretariat, please contact the Secretariat at secretariat@caribbeanstudiesassociation.org.

The deadline to cast an online vote is 12 noon (EST), June 1st. At the conference venue, on-site voting will be conducted between June 3rd  and June 7th, 2019. The final results of the election will be announced at the 2019 CSA Business Meeting. Kindly contact the Vice President (vice.president@caribbeanstudiesassociation.org) with any queries you may have.


Responsibilities of elected candidates

Vice President: The vice president is president-elect and automatically succeeds to the presidency. He/She shall seek and propose to the council a site and program chairperson for the annual conference to be held under his/her presidency, and shall assume such duties as the president and the council shall determine or delegate.

Council members (including student representative) serves as the chief governing authority of CSA and shall manage the affairs of CSA in accord with law of its incorporated jurisdictions as well as these bylaws of CSA. The council shall have all the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of CSA. Only the council, acting as a whole or as delegated to an executive committee, may exercise the powers of the board of directors as defined by its incorporated jurisdictions. As such, the council shall take actions necessary to the ongoing operation and wellbeing of CSA.